Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to Catch Up!

Well, it as been a while since I have posted. For that I would like to say sorry. I have been really busy but that is no excuse. Much has happened in the almost two months I have been off here. I started back at school. I go two evenings a week for three hours. I am enjoying my classes and have a surprising favorite of the two. Speech, I thought that I would hate it, but I have has so much fun in there. I think it is because the class is so out-going that always makes it fun. There is a lot going on at work as well. I have switched deptments. I am now back on the sales floor. I work in diary/frozen. So, I guess if you need to know anything about either just ask.
I checked today and I am at 260. I guess this is good since my weight went up. This means it is going down again. I do need to start working out more and drinking less soda again. I went about 3 weeks without it, until I gave in and started drinking it again.
I am excited. Spring Break is less then a month away. During that time I will be going to WI to visit my aunt. I can't wait until then. Last time I went up I had so much fun.
Well, I am going to get off here now. So, just tell me what kinds of things you would like to read on here.