Monday, January 3, 2011

My Frist Weigh-In!!!

So, I have decided that Monday nights are going to be my wiegh in nights. On Mondays, I will now put what my wiehgt was that night, my new goal for the week, and if last weeks goal worked or not.

So, here goes. I wieghted myself tonight and the result is 263 lbs. and here is a pic to use as my before pic.

This is my first picure of the year for my blog. Now here are my goals for the week.
  1. Eat at least two fruit a day.
  2. Take a walk for 10 mins. a day.
So there are my goals for the week. In one week I'll have a post on my progress and how the goals went.
Any ideas on how to lose some weight?


  1. Hi, Michael!

    I'm trying to lose weight and shape up too. I had my husband take 'before' pictures of me and all I can say is... You are far braver than I. I refuse to post my pics, but you put yourself right out there. Yay for YOU!

    Your goals are good ones although you need to walk for more than 10 min to get your heart rate up and make a difference. Can you shoot for at least 20?

    As to suggestions, yes, I have one. Weight Watchers. You don't have to go to the meetings. You can do it on line. It's an awesome, effective, and healthy program. Google it!

    Sending you positve vibes. Oh, and hop over and participate at THE YEAR OF ME. We'll cheer you on!

    Love, Beth

  2. You're really gonna hate me for this. But my tip to you is less soda. I know you, remember? We both have a weakness for soda. I'll make you a deal. I'll cut back if you will too. Virtual hand shake?

    Looking forward to reading about your progress as well as seeing it in person very soon.

    Love ya!

  3. Aunt Beth,
    Thank you for stopping by. I am working on eating better and smaller amounts. I will try to walk 20 mins. a day.

  4. Elle,
    I have been drinking less soda. It has been really hard and I am hoping to not drink any at all soon.

  5. Wait, wait, wait! Don't go all crazy on me. No soda? Not sure I could handle that!!!!

  6. Yes I know it is crazy but, trying to cut out all soda. We will see how that goes.

  7. Don't listen to Elle. Cut out the soda. Cold turkey! Switch to Fuze or Lifewater. Lo-cal/no-cal flavored waters. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  8. Thank you. I know I can it will just be a couple of days of headaches.